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About Laily Beauty

Zeswan Laboratories Co.,Ltd. was established in 2010 by professional pharmacists, who are the skin care experts and have a work experience in cosmetic and pharmaceutical technology research and development.  The company manufactures and markets natural skin care products under the LAILY brand, using organic natural ingredients and pharmaceutical innovation.  The objective of the company is to strengthen people’s skin by natural skin care products, manufactured from natural herbal extract.  There have been many studies presented that natural skin care products are safer and milder for skin, compared to chemical used products.  Most of LAILY skin care products have been contained natural ingredients without agrichemical substance, passed the organic standard.  The organic agriculture certification has been approved by agriculture organization in government sector.  The standard process of raw material selection is started with farm investigation.  Soil and water in and around the farm have to be rid of agrichemical substance at least 3-5 years in order to prevent the contaminant left over.  The organic fertilizer is used instance of the chemical fertilizer, and GMOs plant seeds are disallowed to use.

LAILY Beauty…Touching nature by yourself

LAILY brand was established by the concept of “LAILY Beauty…Touching nature by yourself”. The selection of natural raw materials is concerned to apply in the LAILY products to be safe and mild for your skin.  The products are without carcinogen and dangerous chemical substance.  Therefore, consumers could be confident to use LAILY skin care products.  These also protect the long-term natural environment.

LAILY skin care products consist of organic oil as raw material for manufacturing to reduce skin irritation and allergy, compared to normal products.  Consumer can be used more frequently as necessary because there is not skin and health toxic chemical remain in their bodies.  Besides, pure essential oil with the assorted scent is contained in the products to use as “aromatherapy”.  Each scent has different special properties depended on herbal types such as rose, jasmine, lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, etc.  They are useful for mental, feeling and body therapy to create harmony with inner balance.

LAILY products are divided into 3 groups, including facial care, body care and spa line for both male and female.  The products contain the several organic natural oils (organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic argan oil, etc.), which act as anti-oxidant substances, used for protecting skin from free radicals to be anti-aging, also naturally moisturize the skin.  The scents of pure essential oil are used for adjusting the balance of body and mind to refreshing, relaxing and releasing the stress.

All LAILY skin care products are approved from Thai FDA with clean and safe manufacture process, so you can believe in the quality of LAILY skin care.